Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy October!

October is my favorite month! I just love Halloween, watching scary movies, eating candy-you know, all of the important things. Not to mention the fact that my birthday is in October. I have been busy chatting with people about my Rodan + Fields business, and spreading the love that I have for the products! I have also been going at least three nights a week to GravityFit which is a trampoline fitness class at DefyGravity. My friend and I, and even my husband have really been enjoying it. 

Pretty neat, huh? I almost even don't look like a total idiot doing it too! 

Sad news last week. My mom had to put her beloved Pekingese, Jasper to sleep. He had a herniated disc, colitis, and was in just a lot of pain. He loved my mom to pieces, me, he tolerated, as he didn't enjoy me monopolizing her time when I came to visit! What a sweet boy, and he will most certainly be missed. 

So as you may know, I have struggled with Eczema all of my life. It is terrible of course in the winter, but this year has been pretty bad, even this summer. My friend introduced me to Rodan + Fields Soothe. I was impressed. I have tried just about everything under the sun to help with my itchy, inflammed skin on my hands that just embarasses me to no end. Then, I decided to try the Redefine line of skincare products. You guys, I have never been much for skincare. I used Aveeno, or bar soap. Well, no more. I have seen such an improvement in my skin's texture and fine lines. I would LOVE to find what will make you love your skin as well! You can go HERE and answer a few questions for a consultation. Contact me, and I would be happy to get you on the road to great skin!

Enjoy this month, eat some candy and watch out for ghosts and goblins!!

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