Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy October!

October is my favorite month! I just love Halloween, watching scary movies, eating candy-you know, all of the important things. Not to mention the fact that my birthday is in October. I have been busy chatting with people about my Rodan + Fields business, and spreading the love that I have for the products! I have also been going at least three nights a week to GravityFit which is a trampoline fitness class at DefyGravity. My friend and I, and even my husband have really been enjoying it. 

Pretty neat, huh? I almost even don't look like a total idiot doing it too! 

Sad news last week. My mom had to put her beloved Pekingese, Jasper to sleep. He had a herniated disc, colitis, and was in just a lot of pain. He loved my mom to pieces, me, he tolerated, as he didn't enjoy me monopolizing her time when I came to visit! What a sweet boy, and he will most certainly be missed. 

Enjoy this month, eat some candy and watch out for ghosts and goblins!!

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