Monday, March 31, 2008

Gifts for Travelers

The joys of flying...after waiting in line, sprinting across the airport to make the gate all the while dragging my carry-on (that I packed so tightly, i'm almost afraid to open it), and hoping that the luggage that I checked make it to my destination-it's a little stressful to say the least. But wait, then I get to meet the person who will be beside me for the duration of my flight. I'll be the one sitting next to the passenger with either a horrible cold or who knows what, or the passenger that is wearing so much cologne/perfume to cause my sinuses to clog and my throat to close! So, for your friends or family that travel frequently, consider these ideas for a special gift.

The Plane Clean Air Filter from http://www.flight001.com/ costs 19.95 and is supposed to filter the air that is re-circulated over and over again. Okay, I know what you're thinking-this girl is a germaphobe, and you would be right.

Staying with my fear of germs, I came across plane sheets at http://www.planesheets.com/. These sheets fit over your seat and come in washable ($24.99-$29.99), or disposable ($12.99). The washable sheets come in an assortment of colors or patterns. Since there is no telling what happened in your seat on the previous flight, these will give you a little piece of mind when you fall asleep .

For a little relaxation, I found Jet-Set Girl Travel Mist at http://www.goodtobeyou.com/ for $16.00. This is supposed to relax you on your travels. Everyone (me included) can use a little relaxation with the stress of flying!

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