Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beauty & Fashion Help/Emergencies

Sometimes we need a little help-we can't all be Victoria's Secret models!

This is a little personal, but all women should have this product. Low Beams from Bliss World is just the thing to keep things hidden that should be! Five pairs for $10.00.
Need a little help in the cleavage department? Try Cleavage Cupcakes from http://www.shopintuition.com/ for $42.00. You have to be a little creative with some of the stapless/strappy shirts out during the summer! http://www.hollywoodfashiontape.com/ has a box of 30 pieces of double stick tape in five different shapes. Perfect for that strappy shirt, prom dress or wedding dress! I hate strapless bras-they never feel right. So, I found http://www.strappys.com/ and now I don't have to be embarrassed that my bra strap is showing! They have a large selection of jeweled, beaded or fabric bra straps. ($18.99-$39.99)

Last but not least, a multi-tool for girls. This gadget from http://www.missakit.com/ has: a flashlight, keychain, needle and thread, perfume bottle, mirror, pillbox, knife and more. Comes in 12 colors for $19.95 each.
Pick a few of these, put them in a basket and give a gift to your favorite fashionista!

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