Monday, April 7, 2008

The Extravagant & Expensive

Sometimes I come across "luxury" gifts that make me realize some people have more money than brains! Just see for yourself...

Want the most expensive piece of chocolate in the world? Knipschildt Chocolatier has the La Madeline au Truffe-$250.00 for 1.9 ounces! It also has a seven day shelf life. For that price, it should be zero calories and fat. I'll stick to Hershey's-thanks!

http://www.extravagift.com/ has a wide variety of experiences, a lot of them affordable. This particular one is a skydiving experience-you learn techniques and safety the day prior. Then, for the bargain price of $2,800.00 some guy will push you out of a plane! You are the proud recipient of 2 minutes and 10 seconds of free fall! Don't worry-no prior skydiving experience is required-YIKES!

The CSI experience from http://www.cloud9living.com/ is actually something I would like to receive as a gift! Being a CSI nut, I could finally find out if I have what it takes! For $3,000.00, this 2.5 day experience will teach you to collect and analyze evidence, and you solve the crime! The cost includes lodging, food, crime scene equipment, clothing, etc. You also receive a badge-how exciting!

I found a Personal Sauna on http://www.opulentitems.com/. For $2,500.00 you too can own this claustrophobia inducing contraption. They describe it by saying it "saves you the trip of having to drive to a facility." If it's all the same, I think i'll pass. It can also be express shipped for those having a sauna emergency!

Last but not least, the most extravagant of all, a six person chartered trip to space for $1,764,000.00 from the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. You and your friends will take a trip to space, and afterwards relax at the exclusive Sir Richard's private retreat in the British Virgin Islands. Wow, I can't believe that someone would pay that much money to do this! Go see a space movie at the local IMAX-it's cheaper and safer!

So, there you have it-gifts that most of us couldn't have come up with in our wildest dreams! These will not be on my short list of things to purchase when I become a millionaire. Happy Gifting!

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