Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More For The Bride To Be

Now that things are moving along on my friend's wedding, I am on the hunt for Bride-To-Be gifts.

Classy Bride has a neat book-The Newlywed's Book of Firsts for $10.95. I love to fill these types of books out, and it's great to look at each year to remind you of special moments.

A hankie is a great gift for a bride to be. I know on my wedding day, I couldn't pull it together, and used my hankie to save my makeup! The Mindy Weiss Bridal Hankie and Sachet Set from http://www.americanbridal.com/ is a beautiful keepsake!

This Monogrammed Bridal Ribbon from http://www.preppymonograms.com/ is a beautiful addition to a hand tied bouquet. The ribbon is white, but there are a lot of different thread colors. You can even contact them for custom colors. This would make another very special keepsake-$48.00.

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