Saturday, May 10, 2008

Organize & Accessorize

It's always good to be organized, but it doesn't have to be boring!

The Mail Pocket from Macbeth Collection is a half bucket that hangs flat on the wall. Perfect for mail or magazines, and available in so many beautiful designs. $48.00 (Can also be monogrammed)

Perfect for a picnic, or your friend who loves to host a party-the Plaid Flatware Tote Along is so cute! Put your silverware in it for a cookout or outdoor party. Get yours at http://www.themerrymartini.com/ for $42.00.
Here is a perfect pail for all kinds of things. Use it to hold anything you need holding, or use it as a cute gift pail for a little something special. From http://www.goodpails.com/, available in X-Large ($22), Large ($19), Medium ($11.50), Small ($7.50), or Mini ($2). There are so many different patterns, it's hard to choose just one! The mini pails would make a cute holder for wedding favors as well!
Go ahead, organize stylishly!

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