Friday, May 2, 2008

The Pig Pen

I collect pigs-they are my second favorite animal-#1 being a dog. I've actually met a lot of other people who love pigs as well. Here are some cute pug themed gifts that I found.

Three Little Piglets Soap is linen scented and comes in a pretty pink box. From http://www.annecys.com-$18.50/

This Pig Bobble Head from http://www.krittersinthemailbox.com/ is a cute gift for a pig lover. $5.25

This Little Piggy Key Fob is hand painted and adorable. From http://www.luluanddaisy.com-$18.00/ The One Little Piggy Carry-All Travel Tote from http://www.sleepyheads.com/ is $18.95. A great accessory for a traveling pig lover!

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Lulu and Daisy said...

Thanks for all the extra special coverage on my key fobs and wine stoppers (I'm Lulu and Daisy and I sell to Girly Twirly and The Pink Giraffe). I'd love to send you a piggy-let key fob. Just shoot me an email at sales@luluanddaisy.com and I'll get your information.
You can also get them locally in Raleigh!
Happy Shopping!