Friday, June 27, 2008

Gifts For The Girls

There is nothing better than having great girl friends. Show them that you appreciate their friendship with these fun items!

If you're planning a girl's night, this is a must have. This one is the Just Between Friends Chatagories Game from http://www.makeconnexxions.com/. It comes with 10 Chatagories Cards (Questions), 2 Answer Pads, 6 Pencils and 6 fun cocktail cups. Find out things you never knew about your friends-$24.00. Make sure you read about how these ladies got started! You will have to go to the website to see the picture-sorry!

This is a fun gift set from http://www.alwaysagirlsgirl.com/. The "Famous" Gift set in green includes a cute "I have way too much fun, I should be famous" notepad and a Celebrating conversation tin in a pretty bag-$18.00. The conversation tin includes 60+ questions to share with friends. Many gift sets to choose from, or purchase items separately.

This gift set is fun, stylish and yummy all at once! From http://www.staceylu.com/, the Girlfriends with Cocktails is sure to be a hit! A basket "handbag" includes six of their fabulously girly cookie for $45.00. Cookies also sold individually. This site is too fun to miss! Who wouldn't want a basket of cookies!

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