Monday, June 9, 2008

Woman's Best Friend

If your dog is like mine, it's hard to find a toy or accessory that he/she doesn't already have! I have a Shar-Pei who has a huge Rubbermaid tub full of toys. Here are some ideas for your furry pal.

What do you think of this Personalized Dog Bowl? How cute! A variety of breeds and bowl colors are available, in sizes small or large. My dog's breed is not available, however, if it was, he would have this bowl! http://www.thepalmgifts.com/- Small: $46.00 or Large: $48.00

How preppy is this? The Alligator Polo Dog Shirt from http://www.tailsandcompany.com/ will make your dog the coolest on the block! This Polo is available in Pink, Orange or Turquoise for $34.00.

Preppy Toys:

Preppy Puppy Plaid Bone by Zanies-$5.99 at http://www.puplife.com/

Preppy Tennis Ball Set-Three Ball set available in two sizes at http://www.harrybarker.com/

Go ahead, your dog is already spoiled anyway!

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