Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bag It or Tote It

I thought that I would try to slow it down a little bit with my bag craziness. However, between you and me, I have a bit of an obsession with them-I know, it's a sickness. So, I have to tell you about these bags that grabbed my attention!

This tote bag from http://www.sewpreppy.com/ has the prettiest colored ribbon adorning it! There are other bags just as cute too! Make sure to take a look at this great site! $40.00

The Nantucket Bag from http://www.ritawilcox.com/ takes you right to the coast! If you can't go to Nantucket, at least carry the bag! Can you see yourself with this? $32.00

Beautiful in red and white, this Sack Bag in 'Persimmon' will turn heads and have people asking "Where did you get that bag?"! The shape is very unique and fun. On sale now for $39.00 at www.madiedeluxe.com

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