Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doggie Delights

Can you spoil your dog too much? Probably, but aren't they worth it? Check out these very special gifts.

Shouldn't your dog (or cat) have personalized things too? The Personalized Bowl from http://www.amonogrammedgift.com/ is special for your pet AND beautiful for your home! $22.99

Some may say i'm crazy, but a few years ago, I got our dog an orthopedic bed. He's getting older, and I think that it really helps. It's about time for a new one. Now, your can "Design Your Own" at http://www.fundogfred.com/ ! What a stylish bed with great benefits for your pet! Pick your favorite-Sizes XS-XL ($68.00-$158.00)

There are some dogs that love to have a bath, I, however, do not own such a dog! That's why it is important to make bath time as relaxing as possible. Pal Dog (http://www.paldog.com/) has the right idea with their Soothing Care System Set which includes: Calming Lavender Shampoo and Massage Bath, Lavender and Aloe Conditioner and Cream Rinse and Soothing Spot Spray-$34.00.

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