Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hand Painted Knobs

Decorative knobs add so much to a white dresser, your bathroom drawers or nursery! These were so colorful and pretty, I just had to share them!

This Pink and Brown Striped Knob is so pretty. Find this and other decorative knobs at http://www.uniqueandpersonalized.com/. 1 1/2"-10.99 and 2" knob-$12.99

Here is a happy, fun knob-Flower Sarah from http://www.cccgifts.com/. A great knob for your bathroom-$9.00.

When you talk about hand painted, you have to go to http://www.luluanddaisy.com/. You can choose any of their designs in two sizes. Their handpainted gifts are absolutely beautiful! 1" knob-$10.00, 2 1/2" knob-$14.00.

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