Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Spotlight: The MacBeth Collection

The Macbeth Collection (http://www.themacbethcollection.com/) is one of the prettiest, colorful shops ever! The selection of designs for their products is amazing! Here are three of my favorites:

The Baby Oval Tub is great for guest towels or candy (as they suggest). Whatever you put in it, it's beautiful. The tub can also be monogrammed (up to 16 letters). $30.00

Here's another cute storage bin. Absolutely functional and fabulous-$48.00. Available monogrammed also!

The French Flower Vase is beautiful and would make a great gift! As they suggest-a great place to hold your umbrella! $62.00

Make sure to take a look at this site-you won't want to leave!

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