Monday, July 7, 2008

Take Note

I'm always looking for something to write on at home. Sometimes you don't need a whole piece of notebook/copy paper, just something small. If you have a friend who likes to jot things down, consider a personalized notepad like these:

Would you look at this notepad from http://www.preppyparade.com/, it was made for me-it's already got my name on it! This pad is available in seven different designs, with your choice of font color and style. $17.00 for 100 sheets.

Here's something more masculine for the male note jotter! This Boatman Gellar Rugby Stripe Blue Notepad from http://www.provence-gifts.com/ comes in a set of two, 75 pages each, for $35.95. You can also add a set of 25 envelopes for 6.50 extra! Perfectly acceptable to have around a bachelor pad!

Perfect for your "to-do" or grocery list, is the Round Circle Slim Notepad from http://www.whateverz.com/. The pad fits in your palm, and includes 100 sheets for $17.95. Great as a gift, or addition to a gift basket!

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julie said...

Thank you for the Boatman Geller feature!

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