Friday, August 22, 2008

Beauty, Spa, Etc.

Isn't this towel wrap the cutest? I'm a sucker for a pretty ribbon! Choose your favorite wrap color, and add a pretty ribbon to complete your wrap! http://www.pinacoladaco.com-$39.00/

Bug Catcherz (http://www.bugcatcherz.com/) offers some really neat and helpful products! The No See 'ems stop gaping in your blouse, Butterflies, that stop panty creep, Lacebugz, Bridal, Ladybugz-Formal and No See 'ems too-each $12.00. Don't put up with something that "bugz" you anymore!

For your nails, take a peek at this monogrammed nail file and key chain set from http://www.abbedesignstoo.com/. Select your colors and monogram for a fun gift-$19.90.

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