Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Favor To Ask

My handsome, sweet, best furry friend was just diagnosed with Glaucoma in his right eye. After a bought with Uveitis, Gilligan started to squint his eyes and shake. Monday night, we immediately took him to the Emergency Vet (at 10:30pm). They had to sedate him (he's a bit of a pill at the vet), and when they got a pressure reading on his eye, it was very high. We were then sent to NC State's Vet School to see an Ophthalmologist (at 12:30am). They decided that they needed to keep him to try to get the pressure down. Of course, I wanted to go crawl into his little kennel he was staying in and spend the night! We ended up leaving the vet school to go home around 3 am. After speaking to the Ophthalmologist in the morning, he confirmed that Gilligan had Glaucoma in his right eye, and would need drops indefinitely. After a trying night at the vet, Gilligan was thrilled to be home. He seems to be doing okay, but we are crossing our fingers that he can keep sight in that eye as long as possible. So, if you would, please think good thoughts about my sweet Gilligan-he is like my child. It's amazing how attached you get to animals, although, I'm pretty sure that Gilligan is a person trapped in a dog's body!

Thanks for listening-sorry that this had nothing to do about gifts. I'll keep you updated on his progress-wish us luck!!!!

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