Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Your Purse

I don't know about you, but for me, it gets a little tiresome to transfer all of my stuff from one bag to another. Sure, I could probably not fill it to the brim, but I need everything in it! Here are some very cool ideas in purse organization that would also make fantastic gifts!

The Purseket is a very neat organizer that wraps around the line of your purse. This wonderful organizer comes in three sizes and a ton of different patterns. Just grab it and plant it into another bag anytime! At Purseket - Small: $18.00, Medium: $20.00, Large: $22.00.

The Pouchee is another organizer with a cool ring for easy transfer. It includes outside pockets, inside pockets, inside zippered pockets and dividers! The Pouchee is also machine washable, comes in many different colors and styles and starts at $22.40 from http://www.pouchee.com/.

So where do you store all of these purses that you have to have? How about this beautiful Simply Sarah Handy Hold All from http://www.simplysarahshaw.com/. This lovely holder has 7 hanging loops that hold 2-4 items each, and can be easily mounted in your closet or on a door! $30.00

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