Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Spotlight: Girlfriend Grams

A gift basket/box/or other complete package is a great idea, but usually it only comes with one cool thing and a bunch of other things you don't want. Well, not at Girlfriend Grams-finally a whole box full of great gifts! They have boxes for all different occasions including graduation, baby, housewarming and many more! Feel confident that your friends or family will receive a great gift! Here are some examples:

The Birthday Gram comes with: a Party Girl tee, a photo album (choose 1 of 3), gel wine glass candle, 10% online coupon, and a personalized Message In A Bottle all packaged in a cute box! $56.00

The Housewarming Gram comes with: a beautiful apron, gourmet cookie dough, a domestic goddess coaster set, scented candle, 10% discount coupon for girls night in, inc. and a personalized Message In A Bottle. $50.00

Visit http://www.girlfriendgrams.com/ to find more wonderful gifts-it's definitely worth a visit!

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