Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Doggy

Special gifts for your furbaby!

This is a neat site for doggy gift boxes- http://www.arfdog.com/. Need a great gift for a friend's pooch? Available: Sporty Gift Box, Spa, Beach, New Puppy Welcome and Sleepover Suitcase. Each gift box is filled with fun gifts! The Spa Gift Box-$150.00.

Dogs deserve monograms too! This dog bed from http://www.moderntails.com/ is personalized with your dog's initial. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large or X-Large-$99.95-214-95. Available in lots of great color combos! A great bed for your baby that adds to your decor!

This collar is so cute-I like Pink & Blue, but it is also available in Yellow & Blue, Green & Pink, Tidal Blue & Brown or Green & White. This collar is extra cute with the Wallpaper ID Tag in a coordinating color! Get yours at http://www.mymascot.com/: Collar: $28.00, ID Tag: $20.00. Check out all of their great collars, leads and tags!

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