Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Accessories

Here are some nice accessories to give or keep for your own home!

It's always nice to have a pretty throw to cozy up with. Take this one, for instance from Monogram Shop. This 100% cotton throw is monogrammed and available in 22 colors and patterns-$80.00.
*Please go to the site to see the throw as I couldn't get a picture of it!

Do you have a door that doesn't want to stay open? I do, and it makes me crazy! The perfect solution-a Mini Door Stop like this one from www.monogrammarket.com. Choose your colors and monogram for a lovely door stop! $62.00.

I love decorative pillows, especially personalized ones! www.periwinkleonline.com offers this pretty initial pillow. Wouldn't this be beautiful on a bed or sofa? Available in Sprout/Indigo and Red. $59.00

These are too cute to miss!

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Linda S said...

love the pillow!!!!