Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate Covered!

You can never go wrong with chocolate! Enjoy these fat free accessories:

The Monogrammed Chocolate and Pink Ribbon Wristlet from Shy Siren (by Belle Bags) is a fancy little accessory for your friends or family! Personalize it and give a special gift that will hold a cell phone, i.d., etc. for a night on the town without the huge purse! (Check out the discount code to the right!)

This planner from Sewn Sational is perfect for a girl on the go. Keep everything together in a cute chocolate and pink package! Available in other colors as well. Great for a student or mom! $59.00

Look at this pretty chocolate and aqua coin purse accessory set from Midnightcreations at Etsy. Get the zipper pouch PLUS a matching pocket mirror! This is a great gift! $11.00 (Secret Santa Alert)

Chocolate that doesn't go to your hips-priceless!

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Preppy 101 said...

Love your approach to the chocolate addiction :)