Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Spotlight: Sticker Shop Unlimited

Have you ever thought that something would look better with a monogram on it? You can find just what you're looking for at http://www.stickershopunlimited.com/! Find a decal for anything in tons of different colors and fonts! You will also find great gifts here too, from personalized candles, to beautiful personalized plaques. Take a look:

I would love to have a monogram for my car-they are so cute! Find the perfect one here-choose from a number of fonts: Curlz, Fancy, Calligraphy, Interlocking and more. Next, choose your color: Brown, White, Magenta, Blue and many more! These decals come in sizes Small to Extra Large. Use them to personalize your car, flower pots, lamp shades, etc. The possibilities are endless! Starting at $12.00.

This beautiful plaque makes a great wedding or housewarming gift. The Brown or Black plaque is personalized with the family's name and wedding year! Choose from small or large and personalize your home! What a great gift to give to a couple just starting their lives together! $32.95

Finally, I wanted to show you the Personalized Name Stickers. Great for that special touch to a baby or teen's room. Available in many fonts including: Gypsy Girl, A Little Sprinkle, Space Jam and more. You can even get one for your dog or cat! The Paw Delight name sticker is perfect for your pet's bowl or as a wall decal over his or her bowl! Choose your favorite font and color for a fun and personalized gift! $14.00

Stop by to see all of their great decals and gifts-the website is fun and easy to navigate! If I had my way, I'd have a decal on everything I own!

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pink green & southern said...

OMG--I love it! I am so getting a monogram for m mailbox--what a genius idea! And also one for my cell phone!