Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Exciting-My First Tag

Thank you so much to Nina (http://www.ninabucciarelli.blogspot.com/) for tagging me! It's my first one, so i'm really excited! I hope that i'm doing this correctly-here are the questions:

Four Wishes:

1. That my family and friends are happy and healthy and know that I love them.

2. That my mom finds a man that makes her happy and adores her.

3. That my dog Gilligan stays healthy for a long time.

4. That in 50 years I'm sitting on the porch of our mansion holding hands with Larry!

Four Places I want to Travel:

1. Italy

2. Bora Bora (and stay in one of those cute huts out on the water)

3. Ireland

4. Hawaii (I know, not too exotic, but I've always wanted to go!)

Four Careers I want to be involved in:

1. Working to help abandoned animals. Running a pet rescue organization on my huge farm.

2. Owner of a preppy monogrammed shop

3. One day being a mommy

4. Veterinarian

Four Things I Would Like God to Say to Me at the Gates of Heaven:

1. Your Grandpa is here and has been watching over you.

2. You touched many lives and helped many people and animals while on earth.

3. Your lost loved ones and pets are all waiting for you.

4. I think I only need three!

I would like to tag the following people:

1. Kentucky Katie (A new blog friend)

2. Short Pump Preppy (she always makes me laugh)

3. Getting Here from There (She is my first follower which I appreciate, and has a great blog too!)

4. Preppy In The City (Another new Blog friend)

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Preppy in the City said...

I just finished my tag questions...thanks for tagging me!