Monday, November 3, 2008

Three Chickadee's Blog Giveaway!

Please stop by Preppy Days (Three Chickadee's Blog) for your chance to win a surprise gift! The rules are that 15 people have to enter before Wednesday to validate the contest, so take a minute to leave your comment on their blog!! Here is the original blog entry:

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. It's a no fuss holiday, which is all about fun, and my favorite thing...candy! Trick or Treat? I love them both!In honor of this special day, this week's Freebie Friday Giveway is a trick and a treat! The trick is that the giveaway is a "mystery" item. The treat is that it's an item you are sure to like!

As always, we need 15 different comments to leave a note to validate the contest by Wednesday, November 5th. The contest winner will be announced on November 9th.Good luck!

And now for the contest guidelines:
1. It's free to enter and free to win -- I even pay for shipping the item to you!
2. We need 15 comments to validate the contest
3. This free giveaway contest is open to US and Canadian residents only

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