Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gift Sets

Happy New Year everyone! I have missed you so much! Thank you again for all of your sweet comments-I can't tell you how much it means to me!

As promised, I am back and ready to share the great gifts that I find with you! Often I am unimpressed with gift sets, but the following sets caught my eye! It makes it very easy for the gift giver when it comes together in a perfect package!

The "Birthday Girl" is just one of the new gift sets at Too Chic Gift Boutique, and is so fun! This set includes a hand painted wineglass (pick the one that most resembles your giftee) and a birthday notepad tucked into a Scout "Mini Deano" bag. All great and useful gifts! $49

If you know a "Cocktail Queen," this gift set from Fun n' Fancy is the perfect gift! Her highness will receive a Cocktail Queen towel, set of 6 mirror swizzle sticks, four feathered glass slips, cocktail napkins and a cute sleep mask warning "Do Not Disturb last night's cocktail queen!" So much fun packed into an oval tin! $58.90

For something a little different, visit Prairie Dog for some sweet treats with zero calories! Okay, so you don't eat them, but they still look good enough to eat! The Strawberry Whole Cake is a pretty hand towel and five magnets packaged to look like a delicious cake! $33.75

There are many "flavors" and treats to choose from, including this Roll Cut Cake in Green Tea-$7.50. Yum!

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Preppy 101 said...

Those are great finds! Thank you! I usually buy all the individual gifts and then put them together - for a lot more than the cost of those darling sets! Happy 2009 GG :-)