Friday, February 20, 2009

Cool Kitchen & Home Helpers

Know a mom who totes cakes or cupcakes to her little one's class? Have a friend who is a baking queen? Pick up this polkadot cake caddy or cupcake caddy for them to carry their goodies in style! Choose your initial and polka dot color! Cake Caddy-$15 and Cup Cake Caddy-$22.50 from Polka Dots and Whatnots.

This 3-peg Wall Hook will certainly add some color to your home! Visit Liza Byrd for this and many more fun gifts! $36

Keep organized with this Oilcloth Pocket Board from Lilybella Boutique. Use anywhere-office, kitchen, etc. Design your own-pick your favorite oilcloth fabrics (up to 3) for $25. What a fun way to keep things together!


Kelly said...

Oh my the cupcake caddy is adorable! I am putting that on my list of wants!!

capperson said...

I love the cake and cupcake caddy. this is soo going on my bday wishlist..lol

An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh I love the cupcake caddy and needed one for a long time. I am going over there to buy one. How cute!!!