Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Honor of Mia's 1st Birthday!

Today is our sweet kitty Mia's 1st birthday! She has been with us for three months, and is already spoiled rotten! She has really helped heal my heart after losing my beloved Sharpei, Gilligan. Happy birthday little lady! For your favorite felines:

Mia is crazy about catnip! This Shrimp Catnip trio from Wrapables would keep her busy! Aren't they cute? $14.95

Lily's Pawty Gift Box from Pampered Paw Gifts is perfect for your kitty's big day! The box includes: 10 toys, a hat, kitty kat celebration cake kit, balloons and noisemaker! Party time in a box! $22

Mia loves her pink! This cute pink slipper bed from Catsplay is a perfect nap or hiding spot! Also available in blue! $79


Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Happy birthday Mia! I love the slipper!

Pamperedpawgifts said...

Happy Birthday Mia!