Thursday, April 2, 2009

Southern Belle

I'm from the South, and like any other region, we have our own culture! People come to expect good old fashioned "southern hospitality" when they visit these parts! What are some things that symbolize your part of the world?

I mentioned Sweetea Shirts a couple of weeks ago. I got one of their adorably southern tees. Choose from a selection of tees that say things like: "Cayut," "This Ain't My First Rodeo," "Gussied Up," "Y'all Come Back," "Sweetea with Lemon," and more! Short Sleeve: $16, Onesie: $16, Hat: $18, or Nightshirts: $25.

Mmmm...good deserts, a southern staple. This box of Cocosnaps, the "Classic Laura" is a great yummy treat for any occasion! Choose the gift box that suits you at Susansnaps! $15

Southernness has a fantastic selection of candles, powders, nightshirts, etc. in southern style! The Mornin' Y'all candle is coffee and pecan scented, $18. Another thoughtful gift idea!

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Prep in the Big Apple said...

You always find the funnest stuff. I may be a Northerner, but that candle is so me!