Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Travel Fabulous!

Great gifts for travelers-some useful and cute and one just for fun!

Keep your travel documents, passport, cash or cards handy in a Travel Wallet from SewnSational.com. I love the new Yellow Bird Toile Print, but there are many more to choose from. Travel wallet, $42, staying organized at the airport, priceless!

This is the cutest little travel jewelry bag! It has a special place for all of your traveling jewels! Available in other pretty colors and equipped with: 5 square elastic pockets, 3 earring straps and 2 ring/necklace loops with snap! This can be found at Katie James for $68.

For those boring plane rides, break out a game of Airplane Bingo! Simply punch out the box when you see it on the plane-crying babies, Salty peanuts, etc. Receive a set of 12 unique cards for $8 from KnockKnock! Also available: Cafe Bingo, Road Trip Bingo and Bar Bingo!

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