Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Plain Cute

Is it just me or is this pillow adorable? The Tropical Bluebird pillow is one of many pretty things at Primrose Design. I love the embroidered flowers and birdy-they could really brighten up a room! This would make a great finishing touch to my bed! $46

This dainty wall hanging can be found at Eclectic Clayworks along with other fabulous pieces, such as glasses, trays, dishes, etc. The flowers look like tulips (my favorite) with a cute little bird flying over. This piece is very soft, but other, bolder pieces are available too! $18

I saw the GurglePot in action at a gift show and thought that it was really neat! As you pour, this little fish makes a gurgling sound. This is definitely a unique way to serve lemonade or tea on a hot summer day! Find yours at Heliotrope Home for $35.

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janet said...

Thanks for the mention Jessica. Just wanted to let your readers know that I have a discount code that's good for 20% off until the end of this month - just enter SPRING09 when you check out. In case anyone wants to buy one of my pillows :)