Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitty Crazy!

Okay, I'll admit it, not only am I a dog lover, I'm now a cat lover! Thanks to our sweet kitty, Miss Mia, I now know the joys of having a cat too!! Here are some ideas for your favorite feline lovers!

I just couldn't resist this kitty pencil case. Keep anything you want in it though-makeup, change, etc. Make sure to take a look at her other fun things in her very unique shop. To find this, go to 1000 markets and search for Rohmer, or click here. $16

Put a pretty bunch of flowers in this kitty vase for a perfect "thinking of you" gift! This sweet little tabby is certainly a unique gift for a kitty lover, or just someone who loves cute things! Find it at Maid of Clay on Etsy.$33

It seems that Mia says this to me often-"Talk To The Tail." I think her butt is in my face more than anything else! This shirt is from Cat Wire Gifts, and comes in other styles. This was my favorite, the Cap Sleeve available in black/white, red/white or brown/white. $25.99


Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Love the talk to the tail shirt. That's perfect!

MaidofClay said...

Hey! Thanks for including me in this wonderful group of cat items. I changed my husband from a dog lover to a cat lover. Once you go Cat you never go back! :-D

RedBessBonney said...

the kitty vase is so cute! great finds!

AlliesAdornments said...

I gave a MaidofClay kitty vase to my mom & she absolutely adores it!