Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Weekend!

Sorry that I don't have any gifts for you guys today, I will pull it together hopefully by tomorrow! This has been quite a busy weekend. First of all, on Friday at work, our payroll company screwed up our payroll. Guess what-no paycheck on Friday. They promised that the checks would go in Friday night-no go. Of course, the office manager left at noon to take a half day, and needless to say, the payroll company did not do as promised, so there was nothing that we could do. I would think that she would take care of people's money first and foremost.
Then Friday night, my husband, neighbor and I got ready for our Community Yard Sale. After lugging huge tables down flights of stairs and setting up until 11pm Friday night, we had no more than 10 people show for the yard sale! Wasn't even worth all of the effort, and we had some good stuff, I posted on Craigslist, made signs for all kinds of places around, spent weeks pricing, and it was a BUST!!! We did, however get to hang out with our nice neighbor for a while on Saturday. I have to tell you, it's really important to have at least one neighbor that you get along with, and can hang out with!We do, however, have some nightmare neighbors in our neighborhood!
On Sunday, we went to see Jeff Dunham- the puppet comedian. It was really fun, and was just what I needed after this otherwise crappy weekend! My husband and I got the tickets to celebrate our Anniversary (3rd), which is the 20th of this month. Now, it's off to work tomorrow. Apparently we are working there for free now! Wish me luck with the paycheck situation!
Great gifts coming soon! Thanks for listening to my "venting" session! My husband is tired of hearing about this!!!!

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Big Sunglasses, Southern Smiles said...

No pay is No Bueno! That happened to us before our company closed, but then again, that wasnt a payroll company mistake, it was our CFO's mistake, LOL

Wow, cannot believe its been 3 years already for you & Mr. Gumshoe!!! Your wedding was such a blast! Have you come over to check out my blog?
ps. Still have a christmas gift for you! LOL