Friday, June 26, 2009

Beauty & The Babe

Check out these nifty beauty products:

For a yummy and heavenly body wash, try Lemon Lollipop's whipped cream soap. This one is coconut scented, but they offer other tasty scents as well. Stop by and check out their line of products to keep your skin soft and smelling beautiful!$7.95

For a fantastic shave, try this non-foaming shave cream from Whish. I'm loving the Pomegranate scent right now, and this comes in that scent as well as many others. Get a natural and smooth shave. Great for a gift as well! $24

Mad Gabs is a neat place to find all kinds of balms for lips, body and sleep! I would love to try the Sleepy Moose Balm. Made of natural ingredients, this balm helps relax you into a great sleep! As a matter of fact, they offer a lot of products that I would like to try! $7

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Sunshinemeg said...

Whipped cream and soap!?!?! All in one?!?! Too cool.