Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going To The Chapel

The Wishbowl is just the thing for that special couple starting their life together. Inside the bowl reads: Love...hope...peace...joy...wisdom...purpose...compassion...family...happiness...your bowl of wishes...for love...for life. Available in different styles and sizes. 6" natural bowl: $33, with personalization: $48

If an outdoor wedding is planned, one of Pamela's Parasols will add even more style to your day! Choose from a variety of collections including 1-3 letter monogram or word! Starting at $98

How about a pair of comfy and stylish bridal flip flops? Stop by Flippin' Fabulous and choose comfort for your special day! The Wedded Bliss flops with wedge heel are $29.95. Toss them in your bag for the Honeymoon too!


preppyinnewengland said...

Are parasols the new wedding trend? Over Sunday brunch, in Boston, my friend told me her daughter is a Jr. Bridesmaid and is carrying a parosol in a summer wedding. I've never been to a wedding with these, but it sounds adorable!

Jules said...

I love the flip flops. I wish I had something like that on wedding day!

KK said...

Oooh the parasol is adorable!

heidi at frill seekers gifts ~ tales by the sea said...

also, the umbrella you featured is so cute. it would have come in handy for me.