Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tote Me!

If you're looking for a cute tote, check these out:

Boy Girl Party is one of the most fun stores to browse! They have an adorable selection of totes, prints, and more. I just love the Swingers Tote! Not only is it plaid (love plaid!), but it features a cat and a dog! This was a collaboration with Bungalow 360 and illustrations by Susie Ghahremani. Take a look at all of their wonderfully fun things! $32

Grab Jesse B's re-useable shopping bag for your trip to the market or your trip to the mall! I used one of these on a recent shopping trip, and it was really helpful to keep everything together in one place and free up your hands! This style is available in 4 different designs! $38

1 comment:

the Preppy Princess said...

These are darling Miss Gumshoe, we shall have to pop over to check out their other treasures. As always, you have such a great eye!

Hope your Thanksgiving is faboo!