Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Organizing

Organizing never looked so pretty! If your looking for something practical and pretty to organize your life, look no further!

Store everything from pet toys to makeup-anything you need to corral in these cool storage sacs from Henry Road. Made from recycled coffee sacks and fun striped fabrics, these sacs are $35 and certainly helpful!

Okay, you caught me, The Gumshoe can't iron. That doesn't mean I can't have a fabulously fun ironing board cover! Tell you what, you go visit CityChicCountryMouse at Etsy, and I'll work on my ironing skills! $24

Keep all of your papers, calendar info and reminders on this lovely fabric memo board from Feather Your Nest. I just love the fabrics used, don't you? Measures 20x20. $45

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Anonymous said...

Love the storage sacks from Henry Road. So fun!