Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Scents

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or coworker gift, the Christmas Eve Whipped Soap from The Soap Box Company. I have never tried whipped soap, but it sounds creamy and moisturizing doesn't it? This all natural soap smells like Christmas! $11

Another great product to have around or to gift is the Elf Mist from Bnoelaromatics at Etsy. This spray is made of essential oils with a evergreen and spice scent! Spray it around the house and on the tree, as she suggests to keep the scent fresh. Ah, the Christmas tree scent can be had year round! $7.50

For those who have been naughty, the Bag of Coal from Out Of Eden Soaps is the perfect gift! The little gingham bag is filled with "coal" or glycerin soap in the scent of fresh linen. $6.50

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Big Sunglasses, Southern Smiles said...

YAY for more blog posts!! Love your recommendations & have missed them for a while.. :) Perfect timing for some holiday shoppping!