Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beauty Product Love

Unfortunately, winter does nothing for the nightmare that is my skin! Here are some products that I found that I'm dying to try. All natural stuff that won't send my skin into a tailspin.

School Garden Company offers a cool All Together Now gift box stuffed with Hand Help, Super Healer, Lip Chap and Bath Salts. You can also request to have a school fundraiser with their products. Sounds much better than some of the other things people's kid's are selling these days! $28

This just sounds like it would feel heavenly on. The Lavender 50/50 Body Balm from Soaptopia. Half cream and half oil-wow. Sounds great, I'll take a vat of this please... Available in other scents, lavender just happens to be one of my favorites. Small, Medium and Large sizes $6.25 to $28.

For those shiny supermodel-esque lips that I can never seem to get! The Lip Slip Gloss from Sara Happ. This looks shiny and shimmery to wear alone or with your favorite lip shade. $18

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