Friday, October 25, 2013

Tailgating in Style

It's starting to get a little chilly out there at the football games, so bundle up with your team colors! This scarf is from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts and is also personalized. Perfect for snuggling during football season! $22

Add a little fun to your plan old solo cup! Lisa's Unique Creations has this cute solo cup koozie for $6.50. Add your monogram (that way, you'll know which cup is yours) for $10. Choose from a ton of colors and patterns.

Those seats in the stadium leave a lot to be desired in the comfort department. Save yourself some pain and get this very cute, monogrammed stadium cushion. Maybe you can match your solo cup koozie with your cushion. Can you imagine the trend you will set? Choose your favorite color and pattern for a cozy seat at Rouge & Co. $45

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