Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gifts For The Clean Freak, Germaphobe, Etc.

My husband says I'm a Germaphobe, I say, I have a healthy respect for germs. There's nothing wrong with trying to protect yourself, is there? Even though I am constantly made fun of, but oh well. Here are some gift ideas:

Mrs. Meyers products are some of my favorites. From laundry detergent to all purpose cleaner, you can't go wrong. For a holiday pick me up, grab one of these gift sets in Iowa Pine, Cranberry or Orange Clove. $12.99-includes: Hand Soap, Liquid Dish Soap and Countertop Spray.

This cute little owl sanitizes your toothbrush in just 7 minutes! The owl may be more for a child, but I love owls, so this one is on my wishlist! $29.95 at Walgreens.

The Sweet Tea caught my eye, and I had to check out the website! Roux Maison offers a cool travel bottle bundle (which is perfect for finding your favorite scent) including:

1 each of Essential Detergent Fragrance-Free, Ambrosia & Sweet Tea (1oz)
1 Delicate Detergent - Fragrance-Free (1oz)
1 Swimwear Detergent (1oz)

1 Stain Remover (1oz)

Try it out and pick your favorite: $23.99

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