Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty Paper

Notecards make wonderful gifts-especially if they're personalized and preppy! I'm loving these Preppy Ladybug notecards from Preppy Princess in Green Retreat. Set of 12 cards $20.

Looking for something unique to send to someone for their special day? Take a look at Flying Wish Paper. I love this mini kit which includes:

15 sheets of Wish Paper - in RED.
5 Wish Platforms - the Birthday Birdy platform card looks just like the packaging...playful primary colors on a grey polka dot background. Each Wish Platform can be used three times.
Pencil – 1 little pencil in gold
Instructions – easy details and photos
Matches not included

Take your wish paper, write down your wish, light it and watch it fly. Very cool! (Obviously, children should always be supervised and let mom and dad handle the matches)

This notebook is so cute! Choose your favorite rain boot pattern and personalize it at Ink Spot Workshop. A 5x7 notebook is $19.50 and 8x10 is $23. 

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