Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Day Ideas

Before we know it, it will be wedding season once again! Here are some ideas that I thought would add a little something to your special day!

Guestbooks are kind of boring-especially since there are so many alternatives. Want to know how many times I have looked at my wedding guest book since the wedding? Yep-zero. I would enjoy it more if the guestbook pages were like this: Fill-In-The-Blank Guestbook pages from tedzeppelynn. You get the PDF to print out and create your own unique book to enjoy for years to come! $22

These are really cute for your Save The Dates. A personalized stamp which marks the date with a heart! Find this and lots of other really fun stamps at stampcouture on Etsy! $39.95

I've been watching Say Yes to The Dress lately, and I love it when their family is on the fence about their dress and they "jack them up." Which really just means they add some bling! This satin sash from Jenna Lou is beautiful, girly and comes in lots of different colors to add even more uniqueness to your wedding gown. $65

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