Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Personalized Car

I just got a new car-not by choice, but unfortunately, someone wanted to plow into my other one and total it. Which brings me to this post-I decided that I might want to add a personal touch to my car, and make it my own!

I would love to have a set of monogrammed mats. I think it would really add something special! I found this one (there are tons of other options) at Sassy Southern Gals Boutique-$75.

A cute monogrammed vinyl decal is always fun! I found these at the The Posh Shoppe's Etsy store. I would have a hard time deciding between these two! $7 Many more to choose from.

I don't have a place on my car to put one of these personalized license plates on it-though I wish I did. This would be the one I would choose, but if that's not your style, ColorandFriends Etsy shop has PLENTY to choose from! $16.99

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