Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well That's Helpful

My friend and neighbor "K" alerted me to this interesting product. Aromaflage-it's perfume for repelling bugs. We are always on the hunt for bug sprays, and while sometimes the bugs are so bad we would like to spray something that makes us glow from it's strength, it's not good for you! This comes in a larger bottle, but I liked the idea of the purse spray. Bug defending on the go! $30

They had me at blister tab! These socks are from Bombas, and they are made for your athletic endeavors. Available in different lengths and colors. I like the ankle. $9

Where have you been all my life? That was my first thought about the Handbag Handcuff. I am so annoyed when my pocketbook slides off the seat onto the floor. Could I zip it up and then sit it there? Sure. Rest assured when I forget to, I'll spend several minutes collecting my belongings from my purse. This comes in several different colors-I like the pink, of course. Boy would this make me happy. $42

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