Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gifts for the kitchen

I must admit, I am no whiz in the kitchen. If i'm lucky, I won't set the smoke alarm off. Just because I will never be mistaken for Betty Crocker, doesn't mean that I don't know a cute gift for the kitchen when I see one!

This magnet is a true reflection of me, and I know i'm not alone. Know someone who shares the sentiment-"I only have a kitchen because it came with the house"? Get this magnet for their kitchen at http://www.itsagirlyworld.com/

Know a tea lover? This mug has a pouch on the side for your teabag. This mug and a box of their favorite tea would make a great gift. Available at http://www.vat19.com/ for $9.95.

Everyone needs a great soap and lotion for their kitchen sink. Crate and Barrel has the Clementine Zest Hand Soap and/or Lotion for $9.95 each. This smells orangy fresh-I checked!

What's a great cook without a recipe box to guard her secrets? The What's Cooking Recipe Box from http://www.shopluckylou.com/ is $18.00 and has a fun pattern. Perfect to hold all of their favorite recipes!

Happy Gifting!

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