Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gifts for the web surfer

Know someone who is always on their computer? Consider these fun gifts:

I like to make CDs of my pictures so I always have a copy. It's also nice to give a CD of pictures as a gift as well. Why not dress up your CDs with the CD Packaging Kit? The kit includes 25 labels, 25 envelopes, and over 60 stickers. There are four kit choices: Fauna Mandala, Surf & Turf (for your summer vacation), Petals in Pink (Good for wedding pics), and Happy Holidays. Each kit is $15.95 at http://www.chroniclebooks.com/

How do you keep your computer screen clean? With a dog, duck or gorilla, of course! These cute pals are lemon scented and have a soft tummy for cleaning and removing static. Get one at http://www.vat19.com/ for $7.50.

Okay guys, this one's for you. We wouldn't want you to get carpal tunnel surfing the web! http://www.mousebads.com/ has a mousepad with your choice of girl with a special wrist rest that consists of two "pillows." I know a few guys that would like this on their desk!

Ladies, you deserve a pretty mousepad. The Pepper Pot mousepad comes in three different patterns: Floral Dot, Spotted Groove, or Deco Flowers. A pretty addition to your computer desk from http://www.seejanework.com/. You can also get coordinating file folders, Business Card Holders and CD Holder.

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