Monday, May 26, 2008

Belt It Out

A belt isn't always worn around your waist-take a look at this:
File this under"Why didn't I think of that?." The Candle Belt is a great idea, and it makes a unique gift! From http://www.candlebelts.com/. I like the Apple Green and Pink Scroll-$22.00. The candle is included. Even your candle can have accessories now!

How cute is this Hot Pink Belt Bag? Choose your bag size (Small-Medium-Large), and your belt from Girly Twirly. The bag handles are available in many different colors as well! Starting at $29.95-SO CUTE!

And now, a belt made for your waist. I thought the company name was so cute, I had to add it! http://www.bugfacebelts.com/ (tell me that doesn't make you smile!), has a selection of belts, bags and hats that you should see! This is the Jessica Belt (Good Name), and it is $28.00. It has the cute little Bug Face tag on it, and it's reversible!

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