Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Throw In The Towel!

There's just something special about a nice hand towel or bath towel in the bathroom. These particular towels would make nice gifts by themselves, or with a nice set of guest soaps (You know, the ones your mom kept in the bathroom, but you couldn't use them!).

The Preppy Princess (http://www.preppyprincess.com/) has a nice set of two fingertip towels with pink ribbon at the bottom featuring bright green whales. $18.00 for the set.

Take a look at these cute towels from http://www.monogrammedgiftsandmore.com/. The towel is monogrammed with a pink and green letter, available in bath size ($23.00) or hand towel ($13.00). On a side note, she is very close to where I grew up in Richmond, VA, so she must be cool!

If you're into ribbon, take a look at this towel set from http://www.preppyparade.com/. The set includes on bath towel and one hand towel with monogram, your choice of font, and your choice of one of their pretty ribbons-$36.00.

Linens make great gifts-especially pretty ones like these!


Linney Shvede said...

thanks so much for featuring my monogrammed towels - these are the ones I bought for myself - so cute!...I didn't grow up in Richmond, but went to college here and just planted myself here afterward! You have a super cute blog! I'm adding you to me reads!

thepreppyprincess said...

Well, aren't you just the sweetest for mentioning the whale towels! They're big favorites and I'm thrilled you like them. Stop in at my blog http://thepreppyprincess.wordpress.com/ and we'll dish a bit! Love your blog... you're on my must-read list!