Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'll Have an Appletini Please!

Your girlfriends will love these martini themed gifts if they enjoy a good cocktail!

The Lolita Purse Party set from http://www.homeandgardenart.com/ is a trendy and fun gift. This one is the Pink Giraffe, and it comes with a 4oz. flask and a 1oz. mini martini glass for $28.50. It comes in a cute purse package. Such a cute gift!

http://www.girlytwirly.com/ has an adorable Martini Belt for $19.95. This belt makes a fun accessory. Other pretty belts are available here too!

At http://www.toegoz.com/, you will find these Martini Flip Flops for $34.95. A girl can always use a cute pair of flip flops for her summer wardrobe!

You can't go wrong with these fun gifts!

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